Two-day Intensive by Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Making Sense of MARRIAGE
13-14 October 2018
10:00-18:00 (Kiev)
live or online
Kiev, Liko-School
Konev St, 7b
Making Sense of Marriage
Two-day Intensive by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
Kiev Liko-School,
Konev St., 7b
13-14 October
live or on-line
…And they lived happily ever after in peace and harmony…
All fairy tales end happily with marriage. But what happens after?
For some it is the end of love story, but for others it is just the beginning
of "the story of how great the love can be". How do you build up a lifelong relationship?
This will be revealed by Dr. Gordon Neufeld at this two-day Intensive.
Why do some marriages fall apart, become boring and joyless, but others grow stronger over the years?
Marital injuries: why do we hurt each other? How do we preserve or restore a marriage?
When proximity and pursuit becomes the need to possess and when attachment backfires.
What holds couples together when their idealistic image of marriage meets reality and everyday life? How can one hold on to their individuality while being in a relationship?
What is important in the relationship: hierarchy or equality? Do spouses need to have the same opinions on parenting?
Who is more important: your spouse or your child? What are the most common vulnerable feelings which are exposed when you become a parent?
This two-day Intensive is for all couples who are seeking lifelong love and relationship
Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone.
Margaret Weatley
We will look at love and relationship from the six-stage model of attachment, vulnerability and maturation.
WE WILL TALK about the development of relationships
We will talk about the different approaches partners take to preserve contact and closeness and how these can affect the dynamics of relationship.
WE WILL DISCUSS our instincts
Which instincts control us and what does keep us together? How do partners feel contact and closeness? How to be heard and seen?
WE WILL LEARN what is the secret of love
and lifelong relationship. How to keep separateness while being together: the personal development and marriage.
WE WILL DISCOVER how our flight from vulnerability affects the relationship
Life within marriage could be both the source of anxiety and the remedy to "cure" our feelings of insecurity. How are our neurosis and relationship connected? How to escape from the vicious circle of recrimination and misunderstanding.
WE WILL UNFOLD the essence of emotional drama
The drama that is at the root of problematic relationships. We will talk about how the different approaches that partners take in order to feel contact and proximity affect the relationship's dynamics.
WE WILL UNDERSTAND why and how marriage, aggression and depression are related
Why can marriage become the source of frustration and aggression? How do some marriages get caught in a cycle of violence and intimacy?
Why is depression eventually substituted for aggression?
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"Fantastic presentation, informative and valuable for me personally and professionally. Gordon is brilliant and engaging. Very happy to have attended today."
Mike Van de Hengel
Oakville, ON | May 15-17, 2017
"Thank you, and yes, you are changing the world. Maybe not as fast as you want, but you changed my world this week, and you can be sure that I will be using what I've learned to change the lives of many others!"
Stephanie John
Oakville, ON | May 15-17, 2017
"Absolutely life changing course on all levels. This will not only greatly impact my work with children, families, and schools, but also my journey of self-growth and empower my skills as a parent and adult figure in many children's lives."
Laura Rose, Cmn Therapist
Winnipeg, MB | June 1, 2016
"Dr. Neufeld is an excellent presenter, effective speaker, and extremely knowledgeable about child development. The information presented over the three days has given me new ways to see and evaluate situations. I look forward to reviewing the information and finding out how to use the strategies from this paradigm research. Thank you!"
Kim Nelson, School Counsellor
Halifax, NS | June 1 – 3, 2015
Kiev, Koneva, 7b Liko-School

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