Seminars by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
on child-parent relationship

From trauma and stress to resilience
12 October 2018
16:00-20:00 (Kiev)
live & on-line
Kiev, Liko-School
Konev St., 7b

From trauma and stress
to resilience
Kiev, Liko-School, Konev St.,7b
12 October 16:00-20:00
live or online

Seminar by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
on parent-child relationship
Stress accompanies us constantly. Why do some people break down even from a small failure while others can not only resist, but also become stronger and flourish, unfolding their personal potential?
Gordon Neufeld will open you the secrets of resilience and how it can be achieved relying on his more than 40 years of practice and results of the latest neuropsychological research.
IF every child has the potential to be full of vitality, to beadventurous and inventive, to turn their shortcomings into virtues, to find advantages in difficulties and limitations, to live a full life, to bounce back from life's loss and confidently cope with stress, then…
WHY can some people recover from stress, adversity, loss and problems, while others cave in under their burden and become emotionally depressed and unable to function normally as before?
HOW do we have to raise our children in a way that they would not be destroyed by life's difficulties and failures, who could heal from wounds and benefit from unfavorable circumstances? How can we encourage them to adapt to life where they areprone to injures and loss or where they are unable to always get what they want?
Everyone has the potential to be resilient, but not everyone is able to disclose this potential. Resilience doesn't depend ongenetics, it can neither be managed nor taught. But it can be developed! And childhood is the ideal time for this.
Gordon Neufeld will uncover the secrets
of development of resilience in our children
as well as in ourselves.
WE WILL TALK about resilience
and about the difference between real resilience and false adaptation (сonformity) to life's circumstances
WE WILL UNDERSTAND our parental role in this process
What we as parents or other caring adults can do and what kind of environment to create to help our children grow up resilient and be able to bounce back from life's losses and adversities.
WE WILL FIND OUT how to help our children to not break down, but to resist and thrive
How we and our children can transform our drawbacks in virtues, discover advantages in difficulties and limitations. How to live the full life despite of specialmental or physical conditions.
WE WILL TRY TO UNDERSTAND why some people are able to recover, while others are not
Why do some people bend under the burden of adversity and become emotionally depressed and unable to function as before, while others are easily restored.
WE WILL SHARE the new understanding of play in this process
The importance of play in resilience and bouncing back is broadly disscussed by neuroscientists today. But not all play supports the development of true resilience.
of emotions

Both "negative" and "positive". How do they affect our adaptive process, do we need them and what is their role in stress.
Resilience is not only capability to recover after stress and anxiety, but the opportunity to push away from them and flourish…
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