Seminars by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
on child-parent relationship

Making Sense of Discipline
Live or on-line
11 October 2018

10:00-18:00 (Kiev)
Kiev, Liko-School
ул. Koneva, 7b
Making Sense of Discipline
by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
on parent-child relationships

live and on-line
Liko-School, koneva,7b

11 October,
"Discipline is one of the greatest parenting challenges right from the moment the baby is born. Do we pick up our child whenever they cry or let them cry it out? As they grow older, should we set boundaries, expectations, routines and expect good manners? We think we have it figured out with the first child, but then the new baby arrives and suddenly we have sibling problems in addition to all of the other challenges. How do we teach the older child to share his toys, help his mother and not hurt the younger child?

The whirlpool of problems with discipline sometimes becomes too heavy. What do we do when a child is disobedient, argues, is rude, does not follow our instructions or advice, constantly leaves a mess or refuses to do homework? Our lives resemble a survival camp instead of the happy parenting experience we dreamt about while expecting the first child. How do we cope with this storm of behavioural problems?
Are you tired of disobedience and outbursts of aggression from your child? It seems that he doesn't hear you, argues and finally you feel that he rules you.
How many times have you promised yourself not to yell at your child and to be mature and strong, but he doesn't follow you and you lose control again?
You would like to give the freedom of choice and do not put pressure on but it looks like your permissiveness makes things worse.
Are you tired of "magical techniques" promised by different psychologists, which are not applicable or contradict your expectations?
You realize the importance of relationship and are worried your discipline methods will have negative impact on the relationship between you and your child.
Do children need bans in their lives? How to establish boundaries and preserve the relationship.
All parents are seeking answers to these questions in some way. But not everybody can find the balance and keep a close relationship with their children for a long time. Already at adolescence we may find ourselves in the trap of good intentions. There are no magical techniques that are effective in any situation of unacceptable behavior. But there are general developmental laws that suit all children despite their gender, nationality, place of residence and religion.
What we do depends on what we see
You will learn to see the roots of the problem behind unacceptable behavior andgain confidence in your ability to solve behavioral problems, without harming relationships and development.
Gordon Neufeld will offer disciplinary strategies based on the latest scientific data about the needs of the child's development, that are attachment-safe and growing-up- friendly.
Why do some children have naturally good behavior?
What are the features of well behaved children? Why do some children behave well as if naturally? You will learn about the prerequisites for good behavior.
Disciplinary methods that should be avoided and why?
You will learn how popular modern disciplinary methods, based on increasing the child's anxiety, punishments and incentives, affect the behavior and development of the child. How do they influence the emergent process and what alternatives exist?
8 practices of safe and natural discipline
Which behavioral strategies are effective in different situations includingan incident. How to resolve the problem that is the reason of unacceptable behavior. Which disciplinary methods help to activate the growing up and the emergent processes?
Discipline for immature children and for children who have got stuck emotionally and psychologically
Why do the most common disciplinary methods do not work with both immature children (preschoolers) and older children who have got stuck in emotional and psychological development? There are solutions for such cases that will also be presented during the seminar.
These seminars are for
You will learn how to manage the roots of the problem but not to struggle with manifestations. You will get confidence and find out when and which disciplinary measures are to be used and which ones should be avoided from the point of view of developmental psychology.
You will be able to clarify how you can assist in solving behavioral problems and help your students and their parents. You will learn how to escape from excessive liberalism or authoritarianism. You can find the balance in the student-teacher-parent relationship.
Caring/ helping specialists
You will start to work with parents and children more consciously, more effectively, working on the causes of problems with behavior. You will learn to see the roots of the problems behind the symptoms.
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"Fantastic presentation, informative and valuable for me personally and professionally. Gordon is brilliant and engaging. Very happy to have attended today."
Mike Van de Hengel
Oakville, ON | May 15-17, 2017
"Thank you, and yes, you are changing the world. Maybe not as fast as you want, but you changed my world this week, and you can be sure that I will be using what I've learned to change the lives of many others!"
Stephanie John
Oakville, ON | May 15-17, 2017
"Absolutely life changing course on all levels. This will not only greatly impact my work with children, families, and schools, but also my journey of self-growth and empower my skills as a parent and adult figure in many children's lives."
Laura Rose, Cmn Therapist
Winnipeg, MB | June 1, 2016
"Dr. Neufeld is an excellent presenter, effective speaker, and extremely knowledgeable about child development. The information presented over the three days has given me new ways to see and evaluate situations. I look forward to reviewing the information and finding out how to use the strategies from this paradigm research. Thank you!"
Kim Nelson, School Counsellor
Halifax, NS | June 1 – 3, 2015
Kiev, Koneva, 7b Liko-School

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