11-14 October, 2018

by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
Dr. Gordon Neufeld

Attachment-based developmental approach
11-14 October, 2018
Live or On-line
Why do some people who experienced losses and trauma survive and adapt, while others break down and don't recover?
Why do some couples reach their 25th wedding anniversary preserving intimacy, while others divorce after just a few years of being together? What is the secret of lifelong love?
Why do some children look up to their parents and follow them, while others are not connected to their parents and are difficult to manage?
It's all about relationship
Relationship is the context for raising emotionally and psychologically mature children.
All relationships are built on the same principles. The most important thing is to understand and apply them in the proper way. All of this and much more will be covered by Dr. Gordon Neufeld,
a leader in the field of developmental psychology and attachment theory during these seminars.
Making Sense of DISCIPLINE
11 October, 10:00-18:00
Making Sense of RESILIENCE
12 October, 16:00 - 20:00
Making Sense of MARRIAGE
Two-day Intensive by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
13-14 October, 10:00-18:00
Live or online* attandance.
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These seminars are for
If you don't want to alarm and punish your children, but haveno idea how to discipline them. If it's hard for you to find a balance between permissiveness and structure. If you would like to establish rules and boundaries for your child while keepinga close and trusting relationship. At the seminar on disciplinewe will explore what measures should be avoided and why from the point of view of developmental theory. We will learn what we can do to establish order, rules, and boundaries in our homes while preserving close and trusting relationships with our children.
What is the secret of fulfilling long lasting relationship? How can we resolve differences and conflicts and remain close and loving?New research and neuroscience combined with attachment based developmental psychology will be presented giving a completely different view of couples' relationships, dependence and care.Thistwo-day Intensive The Dance of Relationship: Preserving Closeness and Connection In Coupleswill provide you with strategies and insight into your closest relationship.
Helping/caring professionals
Dr. Neufeld speaks to the question of "what to do when …", but does so in the context of the larger question of what is required for healthy development. Some of the prevailing discipline practices – like time-outs and consequences – are discussed from this perspective. Strategies are provided that are attachment-safe and developmentally friendly. The guidelines and principles apply to children of all ages. All this questions will be answered at the seminar Discipline That Does Not Divide.
Everyone who is interested in question of resilience
Stress accompanies us constantly. Why do some people fall apart from even a small difficulty or obstacle while others become stronger and flourish? What is the secret of resilience and how it can be achieved? Drawing upon current research in neuroscience and attachment based developmental psychology, Gordon Neufeld will provide us with his insight on the topic of resilience in the seminar From Trauma and Stress to Resilience.

"Fantastic presentation, informative and valuable for me personally and professionally. Gordon is brilliant and engaging. Very happy to have attended today."
Mike Van de Hengel
Oakville, ON | May 15-17, 2017
"Thank you, and yes, you are changing the world. Maybe not as fast as you want, but you changed my world this week, and you can be sure that I will be using what I've learned to change the lives of many others!"
Stephanie John
Oakville, ON | May 15-17, 2017
"Absolutely life changing course on all levels. This will not only greatly impact my work with children, families, and schools, but also my journey of self-growth and empower my skills as a parent and adult figure in many children's lives."
Laura Rose, Cmn Therapist
Winnipeg, MB | June 1, 2016
"Dr. Neufeld is an excellent presenter, effective speaker, and extremely knowledgeable about child development. The information presented over the three days has given me new ways to see and evaluate situations. I look forward to reviewing the information and finding out how to use the strategies from this paradigm research. Thank you!"
Kim Nelson, School Counsellor
Halifax, NS | June 1 – 3, 2015
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